Monthly Archives: May 2020

Backwards Life

I don’t know about you, but life during the pandemic seems very backward to me. I usually hug the people closest to me, but now that’s not smart. Learning more about a subject usually makes me feel more secure. Not so much with COVID-19. Finally, the protective actions I take protect others, rather than me […]

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Are You Ready to Reopen?

Here we go! Wisconsin will reopen in the coming days and weeks. All of us will feel our way forward – not towards the new normal – but back to the future. Success will depend on our collective ability to address serious issues that threaten our health and economic future. It requires all of us […]

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Don’t Waste a Crisis III – Prepare Yourself!

Reopened Wisconsin will look much different than before. New safety measures will change the way we interact in public. There will be seen and unseen actions many of us will take. Geez, I washed my hands more in the past eight weeks than in the rest of my life combined! Still, these actions are critical […]

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