Wisconsin Manufacturing Report

The premier report on the status of Wisconsin manufacturing and the key forces affecting it.

The Wisconsin Manufacturing Report assesses the mindset of the state’s manufacturers through both quantitative and qualitative methods, beginning with a professional poll of over 400 manufacturing executives across the state. The results of that polling inform a series of five manufacturer focus groups which went in-depth on the issues identified in the poll responses.

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  The Wisconsin Manufacturing Report confirmed that workforce shortages continue to dominate manufacturers’ attention and will transform the industry as operations find new ways to produce more with the same number of people. Even facing these challenges, they remain...

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Conclusions from the Data Manufacturers remain confident about their own companies, but they are not as bullish as they were last year. Projected increases in gross revenues, profitability, and capital expenditures are down this year. While most manufacturing...

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Conclusions from the Data Manufacturers face a tumultuous time. Most of them believe the economy is on the right track – though they believe it is worse than five years ago. Manufacturers face new challenges caused by COVID – workforce and supply issues – while they...

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